Antonio Vaccari of Venice

Since the 19th century, the Vaccari family's imagination has been fueled with a light as ancient as Venice. The source of this light is their knowledge of “lavorazione a lume”, or glass lampworking, a tradition as warm as fire and primordial as colour, turning Murano glass canes into beautiful jewelry made of Venetian beads. Augusto Vaccari and his son Antonio were the importers of this tradition into modern times, introducing their lampwork glass creations into France and England and for the first time, 

Vaccari's creations became famous outside of Venice. Their Venetian beads were inspired by golden colors of the Byzantine era: shiny mosaic beads, pieces of art overflowing with gold, silver and murrina patterns. Antonio Vaccari's Venetian beads were even used as interior decorations. The “conterie”, better known as seed beads, were used to create the exquisitely beautiful “fiori di conterie”. 

Flowers made up of these tiny beads can be even more beautiful than real flowers, as they preserve their beauty forever. The legend tells that it was a French noblewoman who first asked Antonio Vaccari to create glass jewelry for her to wear to a ball. Thus was born the jewelry line of Antonio Vaccari. 

Thanks to that noblewoman, Antonio and his following generations have been turning beads and “conterie” into today's fashion necklaces and bijoux. Today, Giorgio Vaccari and his son Federico, the fourth generation, preserves the art of bead making, still trusting the expert hands of traditional craftswomen to guard the secrets of these magical creations of Venetian beads and preserve the art of yesterday.

All Antonio Vaccari jewelry is produced in Venice.

CellaBella Jewelry

CellaBella Jewelry is a partnership of Antonio Vaccari and CellaBella, born in Venice with it's American and Italian families. The name CellaBella is after our granddaughter, and together we produce beautiful jewelry which includes our PerlaVita line of large hole beads for interchangeable bracelets and necklaces. 

CellaBella Jewelry is created with the same magical beads as Antonio Vaccari but assembled in the US.

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